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Meet the Designer

Erin Gaber

Erin is the designer and owner of Designs for Elegance.  She designs everything under the sun including wedding dress, pageant gowns, cocktail dresses and stage wear for performing athletes.  She also makes all kinds of accessories for both people and their pets. 

Her background is in competitive roller skating where she competed for over 20 years, represented team USA for eight years at the world championships and coached for roughly 10 years all over the country.

Erin first started designing her skating dresses when she was only 13 years old and began making her own skating dresses when she was 15.  Her experience as an athlete and coach gives her great insight into designing for comfort and beauty for the body type of the athlete while still achieving the style and look desired by the coach.

Erin's favorite part of designing is being able to help others feel confident and beautiful, whether you are a bride, a pageant competitor, or an athlete competing in your first competition or for a national or world title. 

"You deserve to look and feel your best doing whatever it is that makes your heart happy!"  ~Erin Gaber


Erin is an extremely talented clothing designer and a pleasure to work with. The creativity and beauty of her designs always attract attention and compliments. She has made me both dance and figure dresses for the USA Rollersports Nationals, and it has been an honor to wear them. If you're looking for a person to design a dress look no further than to her.

Amanda Smyser

Erin is an amazing designer, there isn’t one dress she made for my daughter, Lovina Hermez, during her competition seasons that didn't get huge compliments.
She knows her stuff, your body and all fits perfectly, we were always amazed with the way that dresses turned out, very trustful and not to mention how friendly and patient she is!

Violet Hermez

Love the figure skating competition dress made by Erin. Always receive many compliments from the coaches, judges and the other competitors. Erin is excellent knowing the customers’ needs and the preferences and she will combine with the suggestions from her professional perspective. The dresses are so unique and amazing, well beyond our expectations!❤️”

Hui Amy Ying

Designs for Elegance is so amazing . Erin designed some dresses for me and as a ballroom dance instructor it’s very important to feel comfortable out there on the dance floor. Her dresses are the best around she’s very precise with her measurements and makes sure her dresses are designed to perfection . I love the way her dresses fit me and make me look on the dance floor whether I’m competing with students or competing professional they all are amazing . Thanks girl!

Kristie Almeida

Designs for Elegance is exactly that. Whether you’re looking to dazzle on the ice skating rink or demand all eyes on the ballroom floor, these dresses are for you. As a professional ballroom dancer & instructor, one of the many things I appreciate is how these dresses are beautifully designed and perfectly tailored to make sure that you, are not only breath taking, but you also feel comfortable and secure in your dress to perform to your maximum. Another thing I love so much about Design for Elegance is that touch of originality. From vibrant colors to seductive hues, to strategically placed cuts and designs, I feel that every piece is so unique and I received tons of compliments by everyone who saw me in one of these dresses. They’re one of those dresses that you put on and you never want to take off! I recommend Designs for Elegance to everyone! Period.

Julissa Fabor

Erin is AMAZING!!! She designed my competition bikini. Not only was she affordable she made an amazing suit. She takes the time to really listen so she makes your suit exactly how you want it. I can tell you she took my thoughts and went above and beyond and made my suit absolutely breath taking. I can not recommend her enough or give her enough stars!! Erin you're AMAZING.......THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Vicky Evans

Erin designed my fitness competition suit. It turned out so beautifully. She was able to make a suit that easily looks like the $700 + suits i was seeing on etsy and other websites for a lot less. It was fun to pick out the fabric and crystals for the suit, and her design ideas were great. It is super sparkly and fits just right. She was also very flexible about meeting with me for fittings and consultations around my schedule. I couldn't be happier with what she created for me and highly recommend her. I can't wait to wear this fabulous suit in competition! Thanks Erin!!

Carrie Willems

Erin is awesome. I love her designs and workmanship.

Dan Briner

I had heard of Erin's reputation before I called and asked her to make my dress. I knew that she worked quickly, and the designs I had seen of hers were classy, and clean lines, which I liked. I met with her, and discussed my concerns, and she listened carefully and had an idea within the first meeting.

The process was easy, She made the shell of the dress, and I went in for a fitting. The original shell was VERY close to perfect, just a few little adjustments needed to be made. A week later, I had my finished product. I was BEAUTIFUL. The stonework she did was unique, and the multiple colors made things really pop.

She used 3D elements, such as silk flower petals, which makes my dress very unique. I love that I have a one of a kind dress created just for me. She also worked within my prince point, which was helpful. I wore it to a competition a few days later, and got LOTS of compliments from the other dancers.

thank you Erin! It's a beautiful dress.

Marla Stringham


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