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Monthly subscription delivering three fashionable and adorable collar accessories for your beloved pet.  The accessories come in two different categories and three sizes.  Categories are masculine or feminine and the sizes are small, medium or large.

Once you choose your category and size, you with receive three new and exciting easily attachable collar accessories every month.  Your accessories with be designed to reflect upcoming events, seasons and holidays so you are more than prepared to take a quick pick with your fashionable pup or kitty.

Subscription details

Cost: $17.99/month with subscription

Withdrawal date: Day of the month on which you make your purchase

Shipping date: 7th of the following month

Care instructions: Hand wash or machine was on gentile, air dry, do not iron

Materials: Most items are made of 100% cotton.  Velcro strap on the back for easy attachment or removal.  Some items may have small beads and embellishments.

Warning: These items are small and some items may have small beads or embellishments that could be a choking hazard.  Please monitor your pet while they are wearing these items.  Please monitor any children you may have around these items.  We are not responsible for any harm done to any pets or children.


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